Physics department is one of the leading departments in National Institute of Technology Srinagar, which is committed to the intellectual, technological and economic advancement of the society through the discovery and development of new scientific knowledge and sharing the same. The Department was established in 1960 with the prominent academicians like Professor Rais Ahmad, Professor Syed Ahmad Ali, Professor Radha Krishna and many more. Since its inception, the department of Physics is offering the General Physics courses Physics I and Physics II for all branches of B.Tech students during Ist & II semesters respectively. In addition, the department offers several electives to various branches, which include Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, Materials Science, Solar Architecture, Ecology and Technology Development. The department has produced most M.phil and Ph.D. scholars in the Institutes and the programme is offered in a variety of research fields and multi disciplinary thrust areas. Till date, more than 50 scholars have been awarded the degree of M.Phil/Ph.D. and more than 500 research publications in National and International Journals of repute have been published. Many Research Projects have been successfully completed and many are running in the Department.

Unending efforts are being made by the faculty to develop the well-equipped research laboratories to cater the needs of Masters programmes. The department has full-fledged laboratories for research and offers Ph.D. programmes in Solid state, nuclear physics and in renewable energy sectors. Presently, the departments has five faculty members and have developed collaborations with several premier institutions across the globe. In order to inculcate the academic culture, the department regularly organizes lecture/quiz competitions and invited talks by the eminent scientists. The Department has started teaching 2-year M.Sc. classes in Physics from the Academic Year 2015. We are also organizing Science Internship Programme under INSPIRE scheme. The Scheme has been launched by Hon'ble Prime Minister for the bright students of the country. For outreach programmes, the faculty are delivering lectures/organizing workshops/seminars/conferences outside the Institute.