To establish a unique identity of a pioneer technical Institute for NIT Srinagar bydeveloping a high quality technical manpower and technological resources that aim ateconomic and social development of the nation as a whole and the region in particularkeeping in view global challenges.


(1) The broad mission of NIT Srinagar is to create a strong and transformative technicaleducational environment in which fresh ideas, moral principles, research and excellencenurture with international standards.

(2) Technically educated and broadly talented engineers, future innovators andentrepreneurs, graduate with understanding the needs and the problems of the industry, thesociety, the state, and the nation.

(3) We promise to inculcate the highest degree of confidence, professionalism, academicexcellence and engineering ethics in budding engineers.


  •  NIT Srinagar shall strive to impart knowledge, hone skills and nurture creativity for all stakeholders. 

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